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Coronavirus/ Orban: Quarantine is giving results, but Bucharest doesn’t need such measure

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated, on Monday, that the measure to quarantine localities where the increase of the number of COVID-19 cases is large is giving results, mentioning that there are approximately 50 localities in quarantine, yet in Bucharest there is no need to impose this measure to stop growth, according to AGERPRES.

“We have at our disposal instruments such as quarantining and you saw that we made the decision to quarantine everywhere we considered and where, on the basis of DSP [Public Health Directorate] evaluation, quarantine was requested. We have it in Baia Mare, in Zalau, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Sebes, Cugir, we have even county seats in quarantine. In Bistrita I understand the quarantine procedure will take place. We have nearly 50 localities which are in quarantine,” said Orban.

The Prime Minister mentioned that, from the analysis of data in northwestern Salaj County, quarantine, imposed on November 5, has given results, “all three localities, after approximately seven days, started to record decreases in the number of cases, so a descending trend.”

He said that the data in Cluj and Timisoara counties shows that in these areas there is “a plateau and there has not been a significant increase” of cases, being possible that the measures taken at the local and national level show results, without quarantine being necessary.

Furthermore, asked about the situation in Bucharest, Orban said that in Bucharest there is a rate of infection of 5.6 per thousand, being a “linear” growth rate and that it’s possible the increase in the number of cases be stopped, without the quarantine measure be disposed.


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