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Deputy PM Turcan: Constitutional Court, a political instrument through which PSD aims to control other institutions

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) uses the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) as a political tool to try to control other state institutions, the National Liberal Party (PNL) First vice-president, Deputy PM Raluca Turcan on Thursday night told private television Realitatea Plus, according to AGERPRES.

“It is already obvious to everyone that this institution so important in law enforcement has become a political tool. It’s not a secret. Quite simply, all the decisions of the CCR have been synchronized with the public discourse, and with the internal decisions of the PSD. Sometimes there were situations where they seemed not to agree with them, but in fact they reflected a settlement of accounts within the PSD. (…) The maintenance of Florin Iordache, the moral author of Ordinance 13, of the slaughtering of justice and favouring criminals, in a position in the Legislative Council (…) shows how clearly through the CCR, practically, they seek to control politically yet other institutions of the state. Through the CCR they also control the Legislative Council, the National Audiovisual Council, and the Ombudsman,” Turcan said.

“The CCR favours criminals, as does the PSD, in government and with the parliamentary majority, it favours criminals – and I say it with maximum responsibility, because we can take mutilated articles of law in Parliament that favour criminals. Have we forgotten how dangerous criminals were freed, who then reoffended with extremely serious deeds, from rape and murder? Have we forgotten how the great corrupts were put to shelter through all sorts of legislative changes to get them out of the punishment?!” Deputy PM Turcan asked.

The First Vice-President of the PNL explained that the only way to change the organization of the CCR is to amend the Constitution, and for this a qualified majority in Parliament is needed.


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