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INSP – alert signal with respect to COVID-19 epidemic development

The National Institute for Public Health (INSP) reminds citizens that, “considering the alarming increase in the cases of infection with COVID-19,” it is very important that we all strictly observe the prevention measures and those meant to stop the infection from further spreading.

In a press release on the INSP website, the health authorities ask the population to take the basic health protection measures, “which are the only instruments that we have to prevent the communication of the SARS-CoV-2 and getting infected.”

“The resumption of our activities and the favourable development in what concerns the number of infections are tightly related to each individual’s behaviour. We recommend people to get their information from official sources and adopt a responsible behaviour,” specified the institute in the press release.

The GCS (Strategic Communication Group) on Wednesday reported 1,030 new cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, with the total number of infections thus reaching 40,163. Separately from the newly confirmed cases, after retesting the patients who already were positive, 372 persons were reconfirmed to be positive.


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